Leather Experience

Exquisite Craftmanship
As a leather colourist, I see your shoes as a blank canvas. Your desires guide my thinking process. With passion, I blend colours and ideas to create the perfect tint and shade. Step by step, your leather will take on a brand new, colourful, life!
Mirror shining
Mirror shining is the pinnacle of leather colouring. It leaves a glowing, mirror-like and even colourful finish. You will fall in love with its brilliant sheen !
Your leather is alive. To help it withstand the test of time and weather, I skillfully polish it.
This is not a mere maintenance routine ! Layer by layer, the polish will feed, rejuvenate and embellish the leather.

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Willy Cuti
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About me

As long as I can remember, fashion has always been a part of my life. Choosing and arranging clothes has always been a deep and meaningful experience for me.
How would I be able to live this passion?
The "Aha" moment came when I was first exposed to handmade patinas, followed by a craftsman shop tour. I knew it right away!
Since 2015, I have worked with dedication in the Montreal Region to help men from all horizons to distinguish themselves with unique shoes. More to follow!
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